Hand crafters of leather goods. Guitar straps, holsters, leather belts, leather jewelry

After leaving the Royal Navy.in which I served as a shipwright. I used the experience from that service compiled with my apprenticeship as a carriage builder and opened a home based craft business in 1970.My wife and I are both survivors of WWII. Living in the south of England .Saw the Battle of Britain fought overhead and the bombing of London.. I was also involved in the Suez Canal crisis of 1951 - 53
We made a variety of leather items guitar straps, belts, handbags, hand carved. stamped, studded. These we sold at a local farmers market. We also made a series of 45rpm cases for some of the top Motown starts of the 60s
In 1980 we commenced making rocking and carousel horses which we shipped throughout the world. We were also award winning decoy carvers.
On retirement in 1995 we became more involved specializing in quality leather goods.
We can offer a wide variety of our top quality hand made leather goods, all of which are totally hand crafted with pride. Our only machine is used for sewing. No massed produced items in our business. All studs and rivets are hand set. Materials used are of top quality. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, aspects are hand made including settings of studs and rivets.
Where ever possible we use materials produced in the USA or Canada. No fillers or padding is used.. We take extreme pride in our quality and workmanship,
We are based in Canada,but being close to the USA border.we ship most items from there.
If we ship from Canada .Fast shipping is used. No tax or duties apply .

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